21+ awesome gifts for tweens of all ages


Gifts for tweens they will love this year

Those lovely little tweenie tweens are equal parts delightful and depressing. No one does he sulk better or holds a grudge longer than a tween. Especially a tween who wanted an Apple watch but received a calculator instead (this may or may not have happened at our place). Which is why getting the gifts for tweens right is so very important.

Here are more than 21 gifts for tweens that will have them smiling and thankful and oozing that joyful exuberance that tweens do so well. And nothing will make us smile more at Christmas than that.

Here’s a great round up of gifts for teens too


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Awesome gifts for tweens under $10

Fabric paint

Neon paintFabric paints are great for getting creative. White pillow cases look fantastic decorated for a bedroom, or you can add a plain white tshirt for about $5 and let them design and create their own colourful version like a champ.

Get it from Kmart for $10

Cable cover

Gifts for tweens - cable covers

Getting cute critters to do unnecessary things like cover a cable are exactly what floats a tween’s boat. These cuties are on special for just $2 right now, so jump over for the ultimate stocking filler.

Get it at Cotton On for $2 (usually $6.99)

Elephant mandala cushion cover

Mandala cushion cover

Quite a grown-up gift that I think either gender will really like. You can pick up a cushion insert from Spotlight for under $5 too.

Buy it from Tree of Life for $9.95

Nope card game

Nope card game

The aim of the game is to hang onto all of your cards (like a reverse UNO). It’s fast and fun for even the youngest tweenie.

Get it from Games World for $9.99

Try one of these too: 6 card games kids will love just as much as screens


Panda sleep mask

Gifts for tweens - sleep maskWe all want our tweens to get really, really good at sleeping. This mask might help. Plus they will look so darn cute in it.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $9.99

Ace gifts for tweens $20 and under

Fingerprinting kit

Gifts for tweens - fingerprinting kit

One for budding sleuths (and all tweens have a tendency to be nosy and hopefully problem-solvey). You can actually use this kit to pull a pretty good fingerprint. Fans of Brooklyn 99 will be here for this.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $10.99

David Walliams book

WalliamsThe Beast of Buckingham Palace is David Walliams latest book. I’m quite sure it’s not about Prince Andrew, although it could be. Basically, any Walliams book will be received with thanks by the tween set. 

Get it at Booktopia for $16

More great book series: 18 awesome book series for reluctant readers


DIY insect house*

DIY insect houseBuild this little DIY insect house and watch and observe visitors. You could add a notebook and pen to your gift for recording and monitoring purposes.

Buy it at The Leprosy Mission for $20

Unreal gifts for tweens $30 and under

Schoolbooks for kids*

Gifts for tweens - World VisionThrough World Vision you can buy school books for a needy kid. On request, they’ll send your child a card to say thank you. There are plenty of other options, starting at $5.

Get it at World Vision for $30

Zine making

Read all about it - gifts for tweens

Read All About It is everything a kid needs to create their own zines to share. They write, illustrate and produce the mini-mags, following prompts in the kit.

Get it at Booktopia for $21.75

More great books for tweens to give as gifts.


Kleen Kanteen straw pack

Kleen Kanteen steel strawsEco-conscious tweens will love these colourful straws to cart around. There’s four in a pack.

Buy them at Biome for $24.95

Darcey drawstring bags*

Drawstring bagsKids will find a myriad of uses for these cute drawstring bags. Made with strong cotton drill fabric. These bags support Fairtrade principles through Global Sisters: Global Sisters seeks to empower marginalized producers and women who are excluded from mainstream employment by providing them safe working conditions, fair pay, and a means to establish a sustainable business free from exploitation.

Get them at Global Sisters for $29.99 

Sciencey book

101 Brilliant Things For Kids to Do With Science

101 Brilliant Things For Kids to Do With Science is seriously entertaining and absorbing. This book will foster creativity, curiosity and, most likely, lots of cleaning up. But it’s worth it.

Get it at Booktopia for $22.35

More books for to encourage creativity


Cockatoo whistle pendant

Songbird cockatoo whistle

This is a most unusual and interesting gift, but one I think kids of any gender will love. The bird emits a single-note whistle and no two pendants are alike. 

Buy it at Songbird for $29.99

Tops gifts for tweens $50 and under

Happy hair

Happy Hair Brush

The Happy Hair Brush may seem like a weird kind of gift, but when you consider that you are giving the gift of painless hair brushing, it makes perfect sense. We have this exact brush and it’s the only brush that tackles my kids’ unruly, knot-friendly hair with ease. We’ve tried so many brushes and this is the only one that works.

Get it from Happy Hair Brush for $39.95

Mario mushroom light

Gifts for tweens - mushroom lightFans of Nintendo Super Mario Bros (and that is approx 99% of kids this age) will love this battery-operated light. It’s actually adorable, even if you’ve never heard of Nintendo or a Mario brother.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $40.99

Dissenters tee*

Hand screen printed on an ethically made t-shirt, this one is a beauty. “Octopus says clean the sea” – a great message for environmentally aware kiddos. Dissenters is a Wollongong NSW community of passionate, socially motivated artists who have banded together to create t-shirts that challenge the status quo.

Get it at Going Green Solutions for $32.95

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask AustraliaIt’ll cost you nearly 50 bucks for a drink bottle, but trust me, this isn’t just any drink bottle. It’s the drink bottle and your child will take very, very good care of it forever and ever amen. Hopefully.

Get it at Twelve Boards Store for $44.99

Harry Scrabble

Harry Potter ScrabbleHarry Potter madness gets bigger every year. Talk about the story of a century. If Harry can get kids interested in the equally enduring fun of Scrabble, then you’re really onto a winner.

Get it at Kmart for $34

Gross magic

Gifts for tweens - gross magic

We won’t understand the allure of this one. Many kids will. Beware that they will want to do the tricks over and over with you as the audience… but they will love every minute of it.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $46.99

Watch Ya Mouth

Gifts for Tweens - watch ya mouth

This is an hilarious game for any age, but tweens especially love it. Parents especially love seeing them laughing their heads off with friends without a screen in sight.

Get it from Yellow Octopus for $39.99

Brilliant gifts for tweens for under $100

Pool volleyball

Gifts for tweens - Sunnylife pool volleyballMost tweens like anything and everything from Sunnylife. This in-pool inflatable volleyball set is our pick for the summer.

Get it from Sunnylife for $59.95

Etiko sneakers*

Etiko slip on sneakers

These slip-on sneakers are vegan, organic and certified Fairtrade. Which sure beats the shoes we usually pop on our feet. They’re very cute too.

Buy from Etiko for $90

Electric scooter

ScooterI kind of want one of these for myself, hence buying it for one of the kids…

Get it at Kmart for $99

Boho hanging chair

Hanging chair

My daughter is desperate for a chair like this, so on the list it goes.

Get it from BCF for $79.99 (on sale for $49.99 until 24/12)

What gifts for tweens are on your list this year?

Written by Bron Maxabella

Bron is the founder of Mumlyfe and is so happy to welcome you here. Bron has been writing in the Australian parenting space as Maxabella for more than seven years and is mum to three mostly happy kids and wife to one mostly happy husband. Mostly happy is a win, right?

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    Thanks for the Cable Cover tip, actually a shop we have here and hopefully they have in stock. Siblings are after gifts for siblings.
    Tempted by the hairbrush, though pricier than the budget allowance left for the child needing one.
    Re the chair, if you’re wondering if you should buy, last Christmas we bought two hanging chairs for out oldest two girls and they sit in them and read every single day. And if they are not in them then there is often someone else.

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      Great to hear, Erin. The chair will be on the list now!


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