21+ gift ideas for teen girls they will really love


Gift ideas for teen girls - something for every kind of girl

I’ve put together some gift ideas for teen girls that will solve all your Christmas shopping dilemmas. There’s a gift ideas for teen boys over here too – both lists are good for any kind of teen. I find the older the kids get, the less gender “compartmentalisable” they are.

These gift ideas for teen girls (or boys) (I’ll stop now) cover every kind kid. Whether your girl is sporty, nerdy, frilly or fancy, there’s something here for her. Let’s face it, teen girls are not difficult to buy for. They tend to love many, many things.

A quick guide to gift buying for teen girls

1.  Make it about her

We say ‘teen girl’ and lump them all in together, but that’s not right. Every person is unique and just because she’s a teen girl, doesn’t mean she’s into Pretty Little Liars and bulldogs… no, wait, they are ALL into bulldogs right now…

2. Inspire creativity

This is my basic rule for any gift for any kid. Make it something that makes them want to make something.

3. Get something useful

What do they need. What can they use.

4. Give an experience

I’m generally quite over giving stuff and like to give experiences instead. A trip to the movies, an adventure park, a manicure, a picnic in the park. PS – Books are an experience.

Check out my favourite gift ideas for teen girls this season.

All the lists are here:

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21+ lovely gift ideas for teen girls

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1. Handy pouch – $39

A cute pouch that’s perfect for make up, pencils, personal supplies or all the little bits and pieces that a teen girl collects. Leather-look PVC with embroidered initials.

Get it at Hard to Find. Currently on sale for $19.50.

2. Lists, Lists, Lists! – $19.99

Because teen girls love making lists (they don’t know what they are in for later in life!). Practical lists, fun lists, hopes and dreams lists… I kinda want one for myself.

Get it at Booktopia for $17.50.

3. Cute wallet – $69

This purple ice cream wallet screams “teen girl”. Lots of room for student card, bus pass, debit cards… all the cards. Oh, and cash too, if that’s still a thing.

Get it at Fossil.

4. Adorable crab handbag – $79.95

It’s a bag in the shape of a crab. Nothing else needs to be said.

Get it at French Connection.

5. Llama bracelet set – $14.95

An armful of colour is a good look on any gal. There are three different colour sets to choose from, plus you get a free sleepy cardboard llamba.

Get it at Seed.

6. Essential wireless headphones – $59

LG FORCE Bluetooth Wireless Headset are a tops set of wireless headphones for a super low price. A good set of headphones for your teen is a gift to yourself.

Get them at Tandy.

7. Every gal needs a felt letter board – $85.80

This is adorable and a must-have for cool Instagram kids. Make up your own inspirational messages and post them up. Or just keep track of your dreams.

Get it at Hard To Find.

8. Bulldog keyring / bag clip – $24.95

Teen girls have a thing for dogs (and horses, but this is about dogs). Bulldogs are this season’s pugs. Luckily we are only buying them a keyring…

Get it at French Connection.

9. Dream on PJs – $39.95

A cute cotton summer PJ set that’s comfy to wear to bed and around the house on lazy Sundays.

Get it at Seed.

10. Funky battery charger – $39.95

This baby packs two extra mobile phone charges into its flamingo-fine package. Extra music time for your girl, peace of mind for you!

Get it at Hard To Find.  

11. Sarah Scribbles 2019 Planner – $32.99

“What if your authentic self is a little nerdy, prefers to stay in rather than go out, struggles with adult life, loves pumpkin lattes, and worries about EVERYTHING?“ This sweet 16-month planner is for the girl in your life who is perfectly imperfect.

Get it at Booktopia. Currently on sale for a snappy $16.25.

12. Data! – from $9.95

Give them what they really want! You can gift a year’s mobile phone access for under $120 with an OVO Mobile mini plan. There are other plans too, depending on your budget. This is a great gift for any teen, especially if you have an old mobile phone you can add to the present! Buy as many months as you like.

Get it at OVO.

13. Shiny happy body – $59

A lovely AVEDA gift pack of rosemary and mint body polish and composition oil. Grown up, but gently nourishing for teenage skin.

Get it at AVEDA.

14. Stylish beach towel – $39.99

You can never have enough beach towels. This version is super-fluffy and large enough to fit a friend.

Get it at Canningvale. Currently on sale for $19.99.

15. Quality sunnies – $150

There’s a lot of cheap, plastic sunglasses around that are no good for a teen’s eyes. These round sunnies from Fossil offer 100% UV protection. And they’re super-cool.

Get them at Fossil.

16. Denim pinny – $129.95

How cute is this dress! Wear it with or without a tee underneath. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it in summer or winter. A dress they will wear for many, many seasons.

Get it at French Connection.

17. Go Pro Hero – $249

This is what my 13-year-old wants for Christmas. She’s an all-action fierce kind of girl who wants to film herself dropping off the side of buildings, flying on the trapeze, swinging through the treetops. Maybe you have a teen like that too?

Get it at Tandy.

18. Start with a Dot – $21.99

A beautiful creative project begins with a single dot. This book is perfect for girls who love art, but especially good for those who think they can’t…

Get it at Booktopia.

19. Plaque bracelet – $79

A rose-gold stainless steel bracelet you can personalise with engraving. Your teen girl’s name on the front with a personal message on the back is perfect. Did you have one of these when you were a teen? I still have mine!

Get it at Fossil.

20. Girls Think of Everything – $21.99

This book is aimed at a younger market, but it’s an inspiring read about the amazing things women have invented over the years. This illustrated book details the inspiration behind inventions like the windscreen wiper and chocolate chips that don’t melt, and how the women turned their ideas into reality.

Get it at Booktopia.

21. Hair bow – $14.95

Hair bows are weirdly SHRN. A lovely little gift for a niece or friend.

Get it at French Connection.

22. Slack gift – $98

Gifts for teen girls - SlacklineSlacklining is amazing for core stability, balance and agility. Plus it’s heaps of fun. A basic 15m slackline kit will get your girl started. Have a go yourself! We may even get actual abs out of this…

Get it at Slackline Shop Australia.

23. Permission to breathe out – $49

Six issues of Teen Breathe magazine is a gift of insight, calm and wisdom in a crazy teen world. I got this for my daughter last Christmas and it’s been a lovely gift that pops up each month. I really enjoy reading it myself.

Buy it from TeenBreathe magazine. 

Who’s on your Christmas list?

Lovely gifts for teen girls - gifts teen girls will love

Written by Bron Maxabella

Bron is the founder of Mumlyfe and is so happy to welcome you here. Bron has been writing in the Australian parenting space as Maxabella for more than seven years and is mum to three mostly happy kids and wife to one mostly happy husband. Mostly happy is a win, right?

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