21+ gift ideas for tween boys they will really love


At last, it’s gift ideas for tween boys time! We’ve found gifts to sort the teen girls, teen boys and tween girls and here we are buying for adolescent boys. They are a tough crowd to buy for, let me tell you.

If they’re sporty, they’ve already got all the sporting equipment they’ll ever need.

If they’re readers, they’ve already ploughed through the Andy Griffiths / David Wailliams / Anh Do standbys.

If they’re not readers or sporty types, then you’re in real trouble. Tween boys are hard work… I mean, to buy for. But also hard work in general.

This list contains all gift ideas for tween boys I could conjure up with a little help from my kids. I also kept in mind my favourite fantasy-child, who is into STEM and enjoys being with others.

All the lists are here:

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21+ gift ideas for tween boys

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1. Watch ya mouth – $29.95

Gift ideas for tween boys

This is just the kind of random fun that tween boys go crazy for. It seems almost like a reminder: I don’t know about you, but I find myself saying “Watch your mouth” to my son fairly regularly?

Get it at The Gamesmen for $22.95.

 2. Backyard war – $39

Gift ideas for tween boysI know, I know, it’s not good to get kids replica guns and encourage them to fire at each other. Wah! But they just love this kind of stuff and I’d rather they ran around the backyard with a Laser X laser tag set, than sat in their bedroom with their PS4 controller, you know?

Get it at Kmart.

 3. His own colony – $29.99

This AntColony kit requires a small level of care (so that’s good!). It’s sort of like the ultimate pet. The ants build a colony and your son gets to play his part in their survival. Ants are fascinating, and much less time consuming than a dog…

Get it at Australian Geographic Shop.

4. Stuck in traffic – $39.99

Gift ideas for tween boys

A small word of warning: I got Rush Hour for my son a couple of years back and I became obsessed with it. Could. Not. Stop. Playing. It was way more fun than an actual traffic jam, let me tell you. I’ve since been banned outright from going anywhere near the game – the wheels were starting to fall off the housework and I was so behind on my Netflix bingeing. I’ll bet your son will love it.

Get it at Australian Geographic Shop.

5. Fantastic beasts – $39.95

Gift ideas for tween boys

I helped out at our school’s book fair recently and THIS was the book all the year 6 boys were queuing up for. JK Rowling is a sure thing.

Get it at Booktopia target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” for $27.40

6. Yet more screen time – $469

Look, it’s all they really want. Sigh.

Get it at EB Games.

7. Marble run fun – $99

Gift ideas for tween boys

How good does this look!!!!! (I’m starting to believe I may be a tween boy trapped in a middle-aged mother’s body.) Forget all the logical puzzle solving, fine-motor, brainiac benefits of Gravitrax and just get it because it’s awesome. Mind you, I don’t think this middle-aged mother needs this game to ‘experience the power of gravity’, thank you very much.

Get it at Australian Geographic Shop. 

8. 12-months of fab – $60

Gift ideas for tween boys

The CSIRO put out DoubleHelix to encourage the 8-14 year old set to love science as much as the CSIRO clever clogs do. Eight issues over 12 months packed with puzzles, comics, games, prizes and science, technology, maths, engineering – all the good stuff that a literary/humanities type like me yawns through, but your son might ADORE.

Get it at CSIRO Shop. 

9. Dude food – $34.99

Gift ideas for tween boys

Give a boy his dinner and he’ll eat for 7 seconds. Teach him how to cook and he can make his own damn dinner. It’s disappointing how girly this fantastic Kids’ Cookbook by AWW is, but I won’t mention it if you won’t…

Get it at Booktopia for $27.40 

10. Adventure and intrigue – $14.99

Gift ideas for tween boysI have a familial obligation to include my sister’s books in every book collection I write (this is not strictly true, but family is family). Luckily, Al’s books are brilliant. I’ve read them all and can highly recommend them for boys or girls aged from 8+. They are the kind of books that kids get lost in for days. Love that!

Get them at Booktopia for $12.95 each.


11. Wheels! – $149

An electric scooter is so close to a moped which is practically a motorbike. This is like getting him his own motorbike for Christmas! Get a very big helmet too…

Get it at Tandy. 

12. Street cred – $79.99

Most tween boys don’t care about much, but they care about Vans. These kicks even have space on them.

Get them at Vans. 

13. Flying companion – $59

Drones are 59 bucks? Who knew!? It’s just a matter of time before they are delivering our take away… Look, I know absolutely nothing about drones, but this one has nice colours and it looks like it would go okay.

Get it at Tandy. 

14. Goals – $79.99

This soccer goal can be flipped over to use as a target, so your kid can improve his aim. I’m sorry I can’t help you fix ALL of his aim, as much as I would like to get that sorted for you. Just the soccer.

Get it at Rebel. 

15. Air plus other stuff- $229

It’s just a bit disconcerting seeing the word ‘air’ next to a $229 price tag on these airpods. And you just know he’ll lose one or both of these within 45 seconds of opening his gift. But oh, you will be the most wonderful, best-ever, amazing person for that 45 seconds. You may even get a hug, and it’s totally worth $229 for that.

Get them at Myer. 

16. Permission to nerd – $16.99

I can’t be the only one out there who thinks these socks the most rad thing ever, can I? Built in sandals and socks combination, on a sock. It’s genius! Mind you, with the cool-kid tween boys are all zipping around in those god-awful shower shoes with socks anyway, they might not get the joke…

Get them at Yellow Octopus.

17. New obsession – $119

AKA as ‘round ball’ Spikeball is volley ball’s latest incarnation. Frankly, I don’t think volleyball gets enough air time. This version is a super-fast, super-fun game for one, two, four or more players. You can set it up and play pretty much anywhere.

Get it at Spikeball.

 18. Time killer – $49

Darts is the kind of thing that most homes had in the eighties because there wasn’t a lot to do before the internet. Now, if your boy had a dart board, you could just say “get off that screen and go and play darts”. He’ll roll his eyes and complain loudly of boredom and how darts are stupid and unnecessary (just as we all did in the eighties), but will soon find himself up to dart throw number 326 with a smile on his face, because playing darts is like that.

Get it at Target.

19. Pool happy – $29.99

Personally, I find all pool toys to be a joy-sucking, forever-disappointing, waste of money that are destined to end up discarded in a sad puddle of sun-baked chlorine, but you may feel differently.

Get it at Wahu.

20. Fitness tracker – $159

He’ll want an Apple watch and you’ll palm him off with this Garmin, but the $300 price difference will make his ungrateful, sad face completely bearable.

 Get it at Rebel for $99.

21. Lounging space – $14.99

That’s right, you’re basically giving him permission to lounge around doing nothing. Sorry about that.

Get it at BCF.

22. V-bucks – $your call

Personally my own kids would need to prize my hard-earned, real money out of my cold, dead hands before I gave it to them to buy virtual money, but every family is different. Bottom line is, v-bucks are real bucks to tween boys. This is what they want so they can get a flash Fortnite skin or battle passes. Your call.

Here’s a good guide to V-bucks in Fortnite.

Just in case you need it:How to set boundaries on Fortnite and other games

23. SUP, people? – $499

OMG, it would appear that supping is one of the most expensive things your kid could ever get into. I found the lowest price SUP that didn’t look like it would sink under the weight of a 5 year old. Even then you’ve got to buy the paddle separately and that will set you back another $99 minimum. Fear not, this kit will last him years beyond his brief supping phase.

Get it at BCF.

Any other gift ideas for tween boys to share?

Gift ideas for tween boys - best ideas for gifts for boys

Written by Bron Maxabella

Bron is the founder of Mumlyfe and is so happy to welcome you here. Bron has been writing in the Australian parenting space as Maxabella for more than seven years and is mum to three mostly happy kids and wife to one mostly happy husband. Mostly happy is a win, right?

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