Pokemon Party Ideas: How to throw an amazing Pokemon Party


Pokemon party ideas to try

Max’s amazing Pokemon party had some big make-it-easy Pokemon party ideas: like a storyline. From the very beginning of the party, the kids were all Pokemon trainers, charged with catching, training and battling a Pokemon.

We had such fun coming up with some fantastic Pokemon party ideas that weren’t your average party games. Like all good kid’s parties, the party games and fun took centre stage.

Pokemon party ideas for you to try

Pokemon party ideas that are so much fun

Pokemon party invitations

Max and I made the invites using this cool website. Hours of fun for any Pokemon fan (and their mother, as it turns out). The kids loved them and I think this Pokemon party idea has totally upped my cool factor in the eyes of the eight-year-old boy set. Which was necessary.

Pokemon party ideas - invitation to DIY

We printed our creations onto 100gsm card and glued the front to the back. We then painted the front and back with Mod Podge to give it a shiny look and smooth feel.

For a bit of extra fun, we gave the Pokemon party invitations out hidden in a small stack of 5 actual Pokemon cards. Big hit with the kids and a great Pokemon party idea for you too.

 Catch your Pokemon

Amazing Pokemon party free printables - catch your Pokemon
When the boys and girls arrived they were led to the Pokemon Construction Area. They used recycle bits and pieces to make their very own Pokemon creation.
Amazing Pokemon party games ideas
Don’t they look great?
Amazing Pokemon party games ideas - DIY Pokemon
This was a big hit with most of the kids. Many spent a long time working on their Pokemon, while others just put something together quickly and got on with the business of racing around.

Unique Pokemon cards

After they’d made their Pokemon, we created a Pokemon card featuring the Pokemon they had made. The card was printed onto cardboard for them to add to their Pokemon card collection. They were so proud!

Train your Pokemon

Amazing Pokemon party free printables ideas
We introduced the Pokemon League Badges Case and badges. I made the cases out of Daiso makeup containers ($2.80 for four). To get badges for your case, you first had to train your Pokemon and then win badges in battle.
Amazing Pokemon party ideas
We set up a training session for their Pokemon. There were three boxes – a larger box marked 1 was about 3 metres from a line, a smaller box marked 2 was half a metre further away and the smallest box, marked 3, was about 3 meters from the line. The kids had to throw the Pokeball into the first box, then the second, then the third. Each box meant they could win one badge, two badges or three badges. Most boys won a badge, with others winning up to six badges.

Let the battle begin!

Amazing Pokemon party free printables and ideas

Next the boys had to battle their Pokemon (or themselves, as it happened).

Pokemon musical chairs

First battle was a variation on musical chairs – that well-known game of Musical ‘Who can grab the Pokeball first’. Three boys per round, one Pokeball. When the music stopped, you had to make a grab! Winner went on to play in the next battle and so on until everyone had had a go and only one boy was left standing. Each time someone won, they received a badge for their case. The boy left standing also got to keep the Pokeball.
Amazing Pokemon party free printables and games ideas

Pokemon slam dunk

The next battle was a simple ‘slam dunk the Pokeball into the trampoline basketball net’ kind of battle. We used a Pokemon soccer ball for this one. Badges awarded to the winner of each round with the overall winner getting to keep the Pokemon soccer ball.

Pokemon relays

In the last battle was a relay sort-of battle. Two teams with each team racing to bring the Pokemons from one end of the nature strip to the other. The catch was that teams weren’t allowed to put ANY of the Pokemon down. So the first person brought one Pokemon back, but the next had to carry that Pokemon back, collect another and bring both down and so on until the last person was juggling ten Pokemon one way and eleven back the other. If anyone dropped a Pokemon, it went back into the box. The winning team each received three badges each.
The kids had a ball with all of these games (a Pokeball, even) and we’ll be playing a variation each of them at all future parties.

Amazing Pokemon party games ideas you have to try

Pokemon party food

aka pit stop for hungry trainers

After the battles, it was food time. For all the amazing themed food we’ve done over the years (and hello Pokemon biscuits and Pokeball cake pops up there), we’ve learned that the kids are really only interested in the lollies and the chips. So I bought lots and lots of those (we even had a separate party table just for bowls of crisps, burger rings and cheezels) and we didn’t go to too much trouble with the rest of it.

Amazing Pokemon party food ideas

The Pokemon party food table
Amazing Pokemon party food ideas

 Pokemon biscuits and sweets

Amazing Pokemon party food ideas

Pokemon cupcakes with medal cupcake toppers

Amazing Pokemon party food ideas

Pokemon biscuits are so good!

Amazing Pokemon party food ideas

Pokeball cake pops

Amazing Pokemon party food ideas

Pokeball cookies

I did make mini-cupcakes, but only so we could put a ‘bonus badge’ cupcake topper on top. The kids loved finding an extra badge in their cupcake.
How’s this for one of my easier Pokemon party ideas: I made the Pokemon figures that I put on the dessert table by blowing up an image across two A4 pages and printing them out on cardboard before sticking them together. They stand upright because there is a chopstick sticky-taped to their backs and then they are blu-tacked to a tin can. I also printed a long ‘gotta catch ’em all’ poster and framed a print-out of a whole load of Pokemon figures to hang above the dessert table.

Back to the Pokemon party games

After a lot of munching, it was time of the treasure hunt. We have a treasure / scavenger hunt at every party we have and this one was a blast. They were sent off to hunt Pokemon in the wild and each clue was attached to an actual Pokemon figurine, so if you found the clue, you got to keep the Pokemon figure. I bought a bag of 60 Pokemon figures for $30 from eBay.
Amazing Pokemon party games to play

Counting the badges to find the winners

After the treasure hunt it was time to tally the badges. We made a big deal of this, writing down each person’s counted badges and ‘crunching the numbers’ to arrive at the ‘best trainers of the day’.
The person with the highest number of badges got to pick a soft Pokemon toy from the shelf, then the next highest and the next until all seven Pokemon had been given out. The boys thought these prizes were the highlight of the party (even the boys that didn’t get one, I was so proud to see – they are all really growing up).

Time for the Pokemon cake

Amazing Pokemon party cake idea
 Then we cut the gorgeous Pokemon cake (look at those figurines Lucia made out of fondant icing! And inside is checkerboard! OMG! Hello talented aunty!) and it was home time.

A big thank you to all for coming…

My kids love putting together a lolly bag. The girls get all the lollies lined up and around they go, putting one in every bag. This time we also had two Pokemon figures in each bag and Max carefully chose who got what. He then wanted a picture of the Pokemon that were in the bag on the outside of the bag, so here we go!
Amazing Pokemon party free printables loot bag labels

Click on the image to download Pokemon party free printables 

We’ve given you loads of Pokemon party ideas, so now it’s time to make a Pokemon party of your own. All the printables we used for our Pokemon party ideas are ready for you to download, edit and print to make your own.Pokemon party free printables

Got any great Pokemon party ideas to share?

Written by Bron Maxabella

Bron is the founder of Mumlyfe and is so happy to welcome you here. Bron has been writing in the Australian parenting space as Maxabella for more than seven years and is mum to three mostly happy kids and wife to one mostly happy husband. Mostly happy is a win, right?

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  1. Rav

    hi there – What an awesome party, well done! Do you happen to have the pokemon scavenger hunt available for download? Thanks. Rav

  2. celine

    waouh ! What a pleasure to read all you did for you boy ! that’s a lot ok work ! Many congrats for this ! I try to do all my best for my 9th birthday boy thanks to your all ideas and specially for the Pokemon’s cards website. Thank you so much for sharing. Greetings from Paris, France.

    • Maxabella

      Thanks Celine. I try to make the birthdays special each year. I find it’s a lot of fun for me too and it’s a good way for me to do something creative. Enjoy your boy’s 9th birthday party. x


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