21+ Christmas gift ideas for teen boys they will really love


Gift ideas for teen boys - they will really love these!

Okay, so these gift ideas for teen boys are in addition to the gift ideas for teen girls list from earlier in the week. I say this because I really don’t believe there are such things as ‘boys things’ and ‘girls things’. There are just teen things. But I split the lists into gift ideas for boys and girls because… well, that’s what the punters want.

Now I’ve got that out of the way, here’s my top gift ideas for teen boys (or girls, or non-binary).

Also packed with great non-gender-specific ideas: 21+ unreal gifts for teens they won’t hate


21+ gift ideas for teen boys

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1. Slack gift – $98


Slacklining is amazing for core stability, balance and agility. Plus it’s heaps of fun. A basic 15m slackline kit will get your kid started. Have a go yourself! We may even get actual abs out of this…

Get it at Learn Heaps.

2. Grown up wallet – $119

A wallet called Nev will see him through for years (no, it really is called Nev). Room for student ID, cards, coins and plenty of cred.

Get it at Fossil.

3. Good old data – from $15


Give them what they really want! You can gift data-only plans from $15 for 7GB, or $40 for 50GB. There are other plans too, depending on your budget. This is a great gift for any teen, especially if you have an old mobile phone you can add to the present! Buy as many months are you like.

Get it at Amaysim.

4. Made for smart asses – $35

Smart Ass is a trivia game with plenty of sass (or should that be ass?). Let’s face it, this one is just made for teen boys.

Get it at Gameology.

5. Game of Phones – $29.95

Grerat gift ideas for teen boys - Game of Phones

While we’re on the subject of games, here’s a way to make mobile phone more social IRL. Game of Phones is a card game that uses smartphones to get kids laughing together.

Get it at Toys R Us on sale for $27.

6. Table top ten pin – $14.99

Bowl him over with this classic game in miniature version. No doubt he’ll commandeer the younger siblings into fixing the pins each go. No electronic reset is the only bad bit about this cute set…

Get it at Yellow Octopus.

7. Moving music – $64

Headphones are great, but when you want to share some tunes with a friend, a portable speaker is greater. This plays a really decent sound for such a small and cheap device.

Get it at Tandy.

8. Techy plant – $59.95

Kids build a solar-powered moisture sensor to tell them when their plant needs water. It involves tech plus nurturing – winning, right?

Get it at Hard To Find.

9. Bananas for Banksy – $133.28


This sure beats a poster of Red Dead Redemption 2 (note: not according to my son). Banana Monkey Detonator is my pick, but there are plenty of cool Banksy artworks to choose from. 

Get it at Avanti Wall Art. On sale for $82.

10. Droning on – $70

An entry level drone, so you won’t feel so bad when it crashes somewhere and you can’t find it. (I speak from sad experience.) I don’t get the whole drone thing either, but make a boy happy, huh?

Get it at Windmill.

11. Big numbers – $34.99

I went to uni with Adam Spencer and we did a debating marathon together that lasted for days and days. I tell everyone that because he’s still one of my top 100 favourite people. (Disclaimer: it is likely that Adam Spencer no longer even knows who I am.) Adam Spencer’s Top 100 is funny and smart and should be required reading for every teen.

Get it at Booktopia for $22.50.

12. Puzzle it out – $24.99

The box where you can hide all your treasures, then have to solve 12 puzzles to open it again. Makes you work for what you love. This would make a fantastic gift wrapping for another small present inside. At the very least it will keep them off screens for most of Christmas day.

Get it at Yellow Octopus.

 13. Stupid mug – $19.99

This is just the kind of thing that teen boys laugh at for hours. It’s why the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. They may even invite actual friends to their house, just so they can make them a hot Milo in this mug then laugh at them for hours. Sure, it’s mean, but it’s 3D friends, people!

Get it at Yellow Octopus.

14. One of us is lying – $17.99

One Of Us Is Lying is my 14-year-old son’s favourite book. It makes me so pleased that it is, as he usually reads things like Hunger Games and Magnus Chase and I’m pretty sure he still reads Diary Of A Wimpy Kid if no one is watching… sorry, Max. I just blurted out your secret.

Get it at Booktopia for $15.35.

15. Slides that should die but haven’t – $50


I wish these ugly AF shower shoes (worn with socks, gag) would die, too. Until then, they’re a pretty cheap way to make a kid super happy.

Get them at Adidas.

16. Finsk this is good – $69.95


We love this game. So much so we practically nursed Finska on our laps all the way from Sydney to Queensland, because it wouldn’t fit anywhere else and apparently we desperately needed it for camping. Played it once in the whole week – you know how it goes.

Get it at Planet Finska.

17. Joe Wicks – $34.99

Okay, you can’t actually buy Joe Wicks for under 35 bucks, but his books are the very essence of him. All clean eating, be kind, exercise your body, love your mum, dirty bearded, Joe. Our teen boys would do very well to have a role model like Joe. Oh, and this book is Cooking for Family and Friends – hint, hint, son!

Get it at Booktopia for $28.50.

18. The gift of gratitude – $32.99

So often things like journals and, yes, even gratitude are seen as a ‘girl thing’. Which is not something to be grateful for at all. Our boys need to learn self-reflection, awareness and gratitude just as much as our girls. Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal comes from the author of one of my favourite internet hangs (Tiny Buddha). Boys hang out there too – just sayin’.

Get it from Booktopia for $21.95.

19. Grass thongs – $18.99

I know, right?

Get them from Yellow Octopus.

20. Palm trilby – $39.95

Sure, we could say that trilbys had their moment in 2014. Or we could just acknowledge that they still bring the kind of cool you shouldn’t be able to buy so easily.

Get it at French Connection.

21. Power up – $49

A neat power bank that slots nicely into the school bag. Charges an iPhone up to SEVEN TIMES. No more excuses that he can’t contact his mother…

Get it at Tandy.

22. Oh, who are we kidding – $Yourleftkidney

All these gifts are really nice, thanks Mum, but this is what I really want. K, thanks, buy.

Get it at Australia Post.

Who’s on your gift list?

Awesome gift ideas for teen boys - they will love anything on this list

Written by Bron Maxabella

Bron is the founder of Mumlyfe and is so happy to welcome you here. Bron has been writing in the Australian parenting space as Maxabella for more than seven years and is mum to three mostly happy kids and wife to one mostly happy husband. Mostly happy is a win, right?

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