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Finding fashion for tween girls can be hard! They’re in a wonderful stage of life and development where they’re discovering who they are; a time where childhood meets a desire for independence and the wonders of adulthood to come. With this comes an evolving sense of style, one that’s driven from a newfound sense of creativity, social awareness and freedom of thought.

I know that many parents struggle to find age-appropriate fashion for tween girls, it’s one of the reasons I started Somewhere Between in the first place. I noticed so many mums asking where to get good quality tween clothes that weren’t too “grown up” and I wanted to provide a go-to site to find them all.

Guide, but not dictate

Style for tweens is something parents will quickly learn they can guide but not dictate. This is a beautiful thing in itself, as it leads to personal discovery and self expression. In my experience, tween girls need to have two things to meet their fashion needs: they need to feel like they are dressing to their own style; and they need to be comfortable – which in turn makes them feel good about themselves.

Often the social pressure of being the “perfect size” springs up at this age too. This is not something we want our children to be worrying about.

Often the social pressure of being the “perfect size” springs up at this age too. This is not something we want our children to be worrying about. And when you add in trying to keep the magic spark of childhood alive, fashion for tween girls can start to feel like a minefield for all of us! Fortunately there are some great resources that embrace the self-love revolution.

With all of that in mind, where does a parent even start when looking for age-appropriate brands? Balancing childhood, adulthood and personal style? Thankfully there are a whole bunch of beautiful brands with versatile pieces that tick all these boxes, and then some.

Here are some of my top picks for stylish, comfortable brands and stores that you, and most importantly your tween, will love.

Top fashion for tween girls brands

1. Department and chain stores

Hear me out; there are some great finds in our bigger department stores that suit almost any budget. Their selection in sizes and style can be huge – it’s a pretty extensive list too! Check out David Jones, Myer, Target, Big W, Kmart, Pavement, Zara, Seed, Cotton On Kids (up to size 10) and Free x Cotton On (sizes 9 -16). Depending on your style and budget there’s something to suit everyone. Our go-tos are Target and Cotton On.

Also, a special mention has to go out to Pavement who have recently released a world first in pre-teen and teen sizing; which I really think is brilliant. Children, like adults, come in all different shapes and sizes. Their tagline is “Your size is as individual as you are” and the new range includes Pavement Individual Fit and Universal Fit for sizes 8-18+. It’s inclusive sizing so that all girls can feel confident, stylish, and can shop without judgement. There are so many girls and parents out there that will find this transforms the way they shop. I really love brands that are conscious and inclusive.

It’s inclusive sizing so that all girls can feel confident, stylish, and can shop without judgement.

Fashion for tween girls - lulu stars fashion blogSource: Instagram. Image by Lulu Stars (see info below),

2. Everyday and weekend wear

For online stores I recommend you check out Hipkin for fun, fresh and functional streetwear (fashion-forward kids brands from around the globe), and Buckets & Spades who host some of Australia’s leading designer kids-wear brands.

Brands that we love for everyday wear include:

•  Gelati Jeans (size 8-16) – Fun and colourful, on trend clothing for girls with an awesome denim range.

•  Minti (up to size 14) – Super comfortable streetwear kids clothing brand based in Melbourne.

•  Rock Your Baby (up to size 12) – Clothes that both capture and enhance the fun, innocence and imagination of childhood.

Top picks for good quality fashion for tween girls in Australia that aren’t too childlike, and aren’t too grown up either!

Fashion for tween girls - gelati jeans fashion blogSource: Instagram. Image by Gelati Jeans

3.  Special occasions

When it’s time to find fashion for tween girls that’s a little fancier, you might like:

•  Sunset Lane (sizes 8-16) – Boutique Melbourne label that specialises in event dresses

•  Tutu Du Monde (up to size 16) – Reminiscent of ethereal French ballet costumes, hand-crafted and hand-dyed with an old-world feel. Truly magical!

•  Lulu Stars (up to size 12) – Ethically produced, ultra feminine and especially whimsical collections designed in beautiful Byron Bay.

•  Bardot Junior (up to size 16) – Practical and playful, capturing the imagination and essence of youth.

Fashion for tween girls - tutu du monde fashion blogSource: Instagram. Image by Tutu Du Monde

Coming soon…

We are super excited about a tween-empowering brand on the rise, Real Pretty Kind. I can’t tell you too much about them yet, but trust me, when they hit you’ll be absolutely loving it! Launching soon, so keep an eye out (I’ll definitely let you know on Somewhere Between!)

Those are some of my top picks for good quality fashion for tween girls in Australia that aren’t too childlike, and aren’t too grown up either! It’s definitely a delicate balance; one that we can help our girls to navigate with the help of some awesome and stylish brands.

If you need some inspiration head on over to our Insta account where we share tween fashion, products and services or you can go straight to and check out our shopping portal – with all these brands listed for you and many more.

Feature image – source: Instagram. Image by Free x Cotton On

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Written by Charmaine Ana Chung

Co-founder of Somewhere Between, a comprehensive tween-shopping portal, with information and advice on everything from fashion and lifestyle to parenting. Charmaine lives in Canberra, with her husband and four kids, getting through each day the opposite of a supermum.

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