21+ Christmas gift ideas for tween girls they will really love


Gift ideas for tween girls - perfect gifts for tween girls this Christmas

This massive list of gift ideas for tween girls joins our list for teen boys, tween boys and teen girls. So check those out for more thoughtful gifts that might also suit your tweenie.

In this list, I’ve included gifts that suit girly tween girls and less girly tween girls. Very important, as I happen to have one of each myself. This can be an especially tricky age to buy for, as some tween girls are quite sophisticated, whereas others are still happily playing with dolls and softies.

One thing I know for sure, when it come to gift ideas for tween girls, you can’t go wrong with a book. This is the age where it seems kids are most likely to identify as a “reader” – they are proud of their reading capabilities and enjoy books, but haven’t yet decided that they’d rather do something else. Try buying a ‘next step’ book that will challenge your tween girl with a story she can really sink her teeth into.

Enjoy sifting through all my gift ideas for tween girls and let me know what you end up getting for your girl!

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29 gift ideas for tween girls

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1. DIY lip balm kit – $29.60

Lip balm DIY kit

Everything she needs to make her own little pots of all-natural lip balm. I love a gift that’s an activity and present in one. When you buy one, you’ll also be supporting The Clean Living Clinic, an Aussie rural business in an area that’s been doing it corona-bushfire tough these past couple of years.

Buy it from Spend With Us(a fantastic initiative that supports hard-hit rural and regional businesses across Australia).

2. Name your gift – around $60

Nameplate necklaces

Name necklaces are back – not that they ever really went away. This is a sweet version for a tween girl and quality enough to take care of and keep forever.

Get it at Etsy.

3. The gift of Unboxing – $68


Bellabox have a box created just for tweens. She will love having an unboxing moment, YouTube-style (does your daughter also pretend to make YouTube videos every time she gets a package? Or anyone in the house gets a package, for that matter?)

On sale at bellabox for $29.95

4. The World – from $27.47

Kiwi Co send out crates packed with activities and learning. This one is the Atlas Crate, but there are also Doodle Crates and Tinker Crates. The crates are sent out each month and you can get any length of subscription to suit your kid and your budget.

Get it from Kiwi Co.

5. Stella! – $24.99

Book 3 in the Stella Montgomery series by Judith Rossell is brilliant! This is my 13-year-old daughter’s favourite book series EVER. The first book is Withering-by-Sea, the second is Wormwood Mire, and book three is Wakestone Hall. Highly recommended for girls 8+.

Get it at Booktopia for $21.25. 

Read this too: 16+ books both boys and girls like


6. Catwalk crazy – $49.95

Seedling make lovely kits that tween girls love to tinker with. The Fashion Designers Kit will have them designing and making doll-size clothes in no time at all. Looking at the vast array of patterns included, you’ll know pretty quick whether Stella McCartney needs to be worried…

Get it from TweenScene. 

7. Stamp it – approx $21.50

Stamp set

A cute way for her to leave her mark on… well, probably everything. You might need to set some rules around this one!!

Get it at Etsy.

8. Like you need another towel – $15

It’s true that not a single one of us needs another towel, but this towel is (a) round and (b) a watermelon, so that puts it on the tween girl’s must-have list. It is cute…

Get it at Kmart.

9. Mystery, intrigue, gutsy girls – $14.99

My sister AL Tait’s amazing Ateban Cipher series is a great read for any tween girl. It’s a mystery with cool girl characters who your girl will want to be immediately. For which I should issue a warning: the girls live in a tree in the forest…

Get it at Booktopia for $12.95.

10. Cable fix – $6.99

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids reduce the top of charger cords to mush within about a day. A cute little panda cable cover (or cat, or donut, or pizza, or raccoon, or… let’s just say there are lots of different kinds), will solve that problem for a measly seven bucks.

Get it at Typo. 

11. We live in hope – $20

Hair elastics holder for tween girls

This is a cute attempt at not finding hair elastics all over the house. Until you need one, of course. In which case there are none to be found anywhere, forever.

Get it at Etsy.

12. Light up a rainbow – $39.99

This is quite a dreadful photo of rather lovely rainbow string lights.  They’ll turn any boring old wall into something magical (and save you having to fork out for wallpaper / paint, etc!)

Get them at Cotton On

13. Jumpy jumpy – $25

Pogo sticks seem random, but such fun. There’s a reason these retro favourites just keep popping back up on the scene and your kid acts like they invented it – bit like slime and Pokemon.

Get it at Kmart.

14. Wonder – from $12

A quarterly Aussie mag that “empowers pre-teen girls to be creative, brave, kind and to inspire them to think about who they are and what they could be.” That’s a big yes from me!

Get it at Wonder Magazine.

15. Jewels stash – $38

jewellery box gifts for tween girls

A customised soft pink jewellery box that has room for all her cheap tat, I mean jewels. Very glam.

Get it at Etsy. 

16. Light her up – $15

If your girl is the only girl in town who still doesn’t have a light box, now is the time. I don’t know why she needs a light box either, she just does.

Get it at Kmart. 

17. Imaginary worlds – $29.99

We own all the Kerri Smith books and this one is one of her best. It encourages kids (and adults) to look beyond their immediate environment and imagine possibilities instead. Great for growing curious brains.

Get it at Booktopia for $23.75.

Find more books to encourage creativity here.


18. Welcome to the World – $94

Newborn via Unsplash

Our tweenies are too old for dolls (and DEFINITELY too young for babies!), but they still love a little newborn. UNICEF have a care package that will provide a baby resuscitation kit, respiration timers  and meningitis treatments to newborns in developing nations. I think any tween girl would be proud to receive this donation as a gift for Christmas.

Check it out at UNICEF.

19. Block and tackle set – $64.50 

A what?!?! I hear you say. A block and tackle set teaches kids about basic physics, while they tinker away, lifting loads of up to 30 kilos. Frankly, I can’t think of a more awesome gift for a tween girl.

Get it at Entrophy.

20. Flower pots – $10

Anything that gets kids crafting is a good gift, IMO. You may think differently, but I guarantee you that your girl won’t! Embrace the mess because tween girls are happy to sit for hours and decorate some cute plant pots.

Get it at Kmart.

21. Lush charity pot – from $9.95

Lush charity pot makes a great gift for a tween girl

The Lush charity pot is filled with a creamy vegan, cruelty-free, all-round body lotion that feels great to slather on after a shower. Best of all, 100% of the profits from each pot go to a grassroots charity to help them with their work.

Buy it at Lush.

22. Road block – $36.74

A one-player brainiac game that gets kids solving puzzles to try to block the red car using the police cars. There’s a good little video to explain it here.

Get it at Mighty Ape. On sale for $32

23. Lego Hogwarts – $139

Tweens are just the right age to fully appreciate the magic of Harry, Hermoine and Hogwarts (sorry Ron, you need an H). This is one serious Lego kit for a satisfying sense of accomplishment on completion.

Get it at Target. 

24. Ninja highlighters – under $5

Ninja highlighters for teens this Christmas

Pretty sure I’m buying a set of these for myself this year… I’m a sucker for a face on a pen and your tween is sure to be too.

Buy a set at Etsy.

25. Seriously random sloth – $10

Look, I know you need another plushie in your life like you need a hole in your head, but it’s a sloth! These things are adorable and, trust me, the sloth is going to be the new unicorn. Girls love them. Oh, but there’s also a panda and racoon thing going on lately, plus pugs haven’t gone away yet, so… make room for the stuffed toys!

Get it at Target. 

26. Ice cream, you scream – $139

The gift that benefits everybody! How pleased will your girl be to make everyone her signature ice cream flavour? And this ice cream maker is actually pretty affordable, compared to most.

Get it at Kitchen Warehouse. On sale for $119. 

27. Hello world – $24.95


This cool little globe lights up when it floats on water and projects the earth onto the ceiling.  See it in action here (skip all the mad unboxing and it’s not in English, but you will see the earth thingy happening so you know what this is!).

Get it at Montessori Child

28. Yoga pretzels – $19.99

A colourful set of cards that teaches the basics of yoga in bite-sized amounts. A good way to get some stretches in yourself, just quietly…

Get it at Booktopia for $18.25. 

29. Mandala cruiser – $189.99

A totally gorgeous complete skateboard that she’ll have for many, many years. This board is suitable for beginners to advanced level. Don’t forget to pick up some protective gear too.

Get it at Kick Push.

Who’s on your list for these gift ideas for tween girls?

Special gift ideas for tween girls - best gift list for Christmas

Written by Bron Maxabella

Bron is the founder of Mumlyfe and is so happy to welcome you here. Bron has been writing in the Australian parenting space as Maxabella for more than seven years and is mum to three mostly happy kids and wife to one mostly happy husband. Mostly happy is a win, right?

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