Take a mum break before you think you need one


It’s so nice to take a ‘mum break’ from your everyday life isn’t it? Sometimes you don’t know you are suffocating until it’s too late.

It’s so hard trying to find the balance in life, but often getting away from those that you can’t bear to be parted from is exactly what you need. A mum break from the kids is revitalising.

I’ve just made the kids’ lunchboxes and for the first time EVER I wasn’t moaning because I couldn’t find the right lid for the container I keep my daughter’s green beans in.

I was almost smiling as I rifled through the Tupperware drawer! Who the heck am I?

Today I’ve spent some time playing bingo and doing puzzles. also had time to sit down and listen as my youngest talked about the most important things in the world to him.

What’s making me feel so chipper about mothering? For the first time since becoming a mum, I have had a break. A five-day, honest-to-goodness break.

My heart and my soul is full.

happy bali

I had no idea how much I was worn down by my everyday life until I had time off from it.

Five blissful days away, where I was just Em. Not Mum. Not anyone but me.

I can’t quite explain the impact of that short mum break, but it’s as though there is no weight upon my shoulders right now. As I sit here typing I have a spring in my fingers. I feel grateful.

As the plane took off heading back home, I actually shed a secret tear. Sadness at leaving, but tears of gratitude too. 

The children enveloped us with cuddles as soon as we arrived. They reminded me of why I valued my existence so much. The kids are my purpose, I live to give them the happiest life I can.

potato head bali

So as I write this it’s been 36 hours since we’ve been home and I have not got cranky once. I have got down on one knee and listened to my baby as he spoke about things that mattered to him.

Not being needed is blissful. It makes you want to feel needed. 

I’ve listened as my daughter spoke about how she is sad because her best friend doesn’t like her as much as she likes her. My heart ached having to tell her that sometimes certain people feel feelings more than others and that’s okay.

Then I gave my son a big hug for no reason. Just because.

My heart and shoulders are light, they are carefree. Gosh, I needed to get away. Do you know what I mean?

Have you ever been away from your children? What would be your ideal mum break?

Written by Emily Toxward

Journalist Emily Toxward fumbles her way through parenting three children while juggling the demands of her writing business, Write Styling. A published writer for 20 years, Emily shots from the hip when required and her writing is raw, honest and sometimes humorous.

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  1. Lynda

    Love this. I homeschool my daughter, so I don’t get any time alone. EVER. I also have two foster sons, so from the moment I open my eyes in the morning I have someone chirping in my ear. I need a break. Even a few hours would be freaking awesome. I’m going to make that happen. Thanks for the inspiration. Lynda xo

    • Maxabella

      I am forever in awe of mums who home school. I can TOTALLY see why a family would want to do it, but I am way too selfish to even contemplate it. Hats off to you and I hope you carve out a little space for yourself soonest.


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